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Listen to Late afternoon Jazz

The Jazz Boat is a genuine jazz club, complete with a great atmosphere and superb music. Our concerts showcase highly accomplished professional musicians. Every day features a different jazz style. Three sets of great music and the comfy feel of a seasoned jazz club will make for a magnificent night!

Take a look at beautiful Prague

A multidimensional experience that will let you savour all the delights of Prague in one evening! A great way to explore the city. The cruise will take you to Prague’s historical monuments, including those off the beaten path. 

During 2,5 hours you’ll experience the most beautiful sights Prague has to offer from a vantage point on the Vltava River.

Listen Taste & Look

We added the early evening concerts because some of you might prefer an earlier dinner. Someone may already have another program for the evening and thus cannot join the evening jazz cruise. Well, and sometimes it is simply sold out in the evening, but it would be a shame to miss such a cruise. So don't hesitate!


Menu    650 Kč

  • Salad Caprese.
  • Grilled salmon steak, potato gratin, cream sauce with dill
  • Apple strudel with whipped cream and ice cream


Menu    650 Kč

  • Salad Caprese.
  • Slow-pulled pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes with cabbage and cracklings 
  • Chocolate brownie with whipped cream and ice cream


Menu    650 Kč

  • Salad Caprese.
  • Zucchini Lasagna with tomatoes
  • Apple strudel with whipped cream and ice cream


Menu    650 Kč


  • Salad Caprese.
  • Chicken supreme, potatoes au gratin, cream sauce with calvados and green pepper
  • Chocolate brownie with whipped cream and ice cream

Salad Caprese    130 Kč

Salad Caprese with mozzarella, tomatoes, arugula, basilico and green pesto

Nachos    150 Kč

Tortilla chips served with tomato and cheesy salsa sauce

Carpaccio    250 Kč

Beef tenderloin carpaccio with homemade pesto, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and arugula


250 / 500 Kč

A variation of Italian cold cuts and cheeses, olives and dried tomatoes

Strudel    95 Kč

Apple strudel with whipped cream and ice cream

Brownie    95 Kč

Chocolate brownie with whipped cream and ice cream



Non-alcoholic   Pepsi 0,3 60,-   Pepsi Max  0,3 … 60,-   Mirinda  0,3 … 60,-   7up 0,3 … 60,-   Tonic  0,3 … 60,-   Ice Tea   0,3 … 60,-   Juice 0,3 … 50,-   Neperlivá Voda  / Sparkling water  0,3 … 50,-   Perlivá Voda / Still water 0,3 ... 50,-   Red Bull  0,3 ... 80,-     Coffee   Espresso / Lungo 60,-   Capuccino … 70,-     Tea   60,-     Beer   Budvar 33 - 0,3 .. 65,-   Nealkoholické pivo 0,3 ... 55,-     Licquers, Distillers   Becherovka Nefiltr 0,04 … 60,-   Beefeater 0,04 … 80,-   Beefeater Crown Jewel  0,04… 150,-   Malfy Rosa      0,04 … 100,-   Plymouth 0,04… 100,-   Abosolut vodka 0,04 ... 80,-   Jagermeister. 0,04 ... 80,-   Baileys 0,04.. 80,-      Rum   Havana 3YO 0,04 ... 80,-   La Hechicera  0,04 ... 150,-   Bumbu Original 0,04 … 120,-   Don Papa 0,04 …. 120,-      Whiskey   Jameson 0,04 ... 80,-   Jameson BlackBarell 0,04 ... 120,-   Chivas Regal 12 0,04 ... 120,-   Glenlivet 15 0,04 … 150,-      Cognac    Martell V.S.O.P. Medaillon 0,04 … 200,-   Martell XO 0,04 … 350,-      Mixed drinks   Beton  160,-   Gin Tonic (Dry, Pink,)   160,-   Cuba Libre  160,-   JamesonGinger 160,-    Aperol Spritz 160,-   Tequilla sunrise 160,-   Campari Orange 160,-

What to expect

Cruise: boarding starts at 4 PM, departure at 4.30 PM, arrival to the same position at 6.45 PM.

Concert: three sets, two breaks, stage inside, music from speakers on the upper deck.

Dinner: the best way is to buy ticket which includes three course menu online. However small meals, snacks and drinks are available on spot.

Payment: EUR, CZK, Credit Cards accepted

Group orders: individually by email

Well worth doing

Excellent cruise, it was lovely seeing Prague from boat. Music was great and made the whole experience . Food very good and served by lovely staff- brilliant!

Relaxed environment - better than expected

Had an amazing time with great food and music. Would definitely recommend!

If you like music it’s a great experience

The jazz group on our tour was fabulous. They interacted with the audience. We sat inside in front of the group and the music volume was perfect. The sites are wonderful. The best picture opportunities are on the upper deck. The food was good.

How to find


Terminal 18, 
Nábřeží Na Františku, 
Praha 1

Late afternoon Jazz from 4.30 to 6.45 PM

We open at 4.00 PM 

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