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Thu March 23
The Simpson Trio
Double bass
Guitar + vocal

The Simpson Trio is a soul blues band that swings. Growing up in Memphis, Ryan Simpson heard a variety of great music, from blues to rock-a-billy to Memphis soul to jazz. He was also able to meet, learn from, and perform with many great Memphis musicians. After several years of playing in local bands and studying music at the University of Memphis, Ryan moved to the Czech Republic and became a part of the Prague music scene. The blues is the foundation of everything the Trio plays, and whether the Trio is playing Otis Redding, Van Morrison, or Nat King Cole, the blues can always be heard.

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Fri March 24
Coffee time
swing and standards
Double bass

The trio, compound of mature musicians, will play songs from the rich jazz and swing repertoire to create a cosy atmosphere. Rhythmically irritating and yet stroking chamber arrangement pleases the ear of experienced listener, but will not disturb thoughts of those who have not come for the concert, but seek only peaceful spot after a hectic day. 

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Sat March 25
Miriam Bayle Band
jazz standards
El. guitar
Double bass

The singer Miriam Bayle is quite a well hidden treasure in the world of jazz vocalists. The Miriam Bayle Quartet is by no means an accompaniment unit, a phenomenon, which is far too often wittnessed in many vocalist's cases. Fortunately it is a group of distinctive individuals capable of working towards the collective. Her bandmates have an abundance of jazz craftmanship, they can also create an athmosphere to make Bayle feel at home. Many colleagues from the field of jazz vocals - Janis Siegel, Tierney Sutton, Karin Allyson and many others, similarly as Miriam Bayle wish to be a true part of the band. They also know how to use their voice as an instrument, which is another strength of Miriam Bayle, the "Queen of Scat". One can only stand in awe trying to understand where Bayle finds so much depth and energy to her voice, uncompromised swing feel and perfect English pronunciation. Miriam Bayle is gifted by all these atributes and in addition to that she knows how to handle her talents. Come experience Bayle's mesmerizing voice, the drumming explosions of Tomáš Hobzek, the sensible comping and brilliant solos of pianist Matej Benko, Petr Dvorský's on double bass. If you looking for a smooth and cosy jazz music, Miriam Bayle Band is just what you are looking for!

Miriam Bayle Quartet: Miriam Bayle – voice, scat Petr Dvorský – d-bass, Adam Tvrdý - el. guitar, Dano Šoltys – drums.

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